• Stephanie Jackson

Surviving the Australian Summer

Updated: Jan 2

Do you ever get a day when you simply cannot focus on the serious work that you should be doing? I certainly do, and today is one of those days. However hard I try to concentrate, the words that are required to make my latest book a best seller just refuse to flow - and it's all Mother Nature's fault.

With the incessantly hot and dry weather she's made life tough not only for humans that inhabit the varied regions of Australia, but also for wildlife. Fortunately the birds and animals that call my extensive garden their home have a greater chance of survival than the wild creatures that live in less hospitable areas, for here they have a permanent supply of water and can find the natural food they need to keep Death at bay.

And just when I've started to focus on my writing, birds arrive in the forest and at the bird baths and pools that are outside my office window, and as I'm happily distracted by watching their antics not a hint of work is achieved.

A family of White-winged Choughs were the first to arrive to cool off in the water of a bird bath, and within minutes of their departure a Pacific Baza / Crested Hawk, who had been awaiting his turn with interminable patience, flew silently down to quench his thirst and to clean his glamorous striped plumage. When the coast was clear, a pair of timid Red-browed Finches arrived to entertain me - and work remained on hold once again.

Perhaps, now that they've all retreated, I can finally knuckle down to some work without the incessant distractions that are an inevitable part of living and working in the bush. Life really wasn't meant to be easy was it?

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