By Stephanie Jackson

This book, with its engaging text and approximately 300 stunning images, opens the door to the amazing world of nature and reveals the astounding diversity of wild creatures that can be discovered right on the doorstep of every Australian home.

Almost 100 species are shown in their natural habitat, with the majority of the birds, mammals, reptiles, frogs, insects and spiders featured being part of the wildlife community within my extensive garden, with others discovered in national parks, coastal regions, city parklands and urban backyards within a 50km radius of the wildlife haven that I have created.

Released by New Holland Publishers and written in a language that’s easy to comprehend and devoid of scientific jargon, it offers more than a bland description of each creature’s physical characteristics and lifestyle, for it provides information on where to find these unique species, many of which thrive in diverse habitats across the continent, and how to attract wildlife to a garden, in addition to fascinating and little known facts about these remarkable creatures and the history of their discovery by early European settlers and explorers.

With hints of humour blended with serious concepts, this book, with its awe-inspiring images, provides a delightful insight into the lives and stories of some of the most spectacular creatures on the planet, creatures that are right on the doorstep of each and every one of us, if we take the time to explore our own backyards.


ISBN: 9781925546309

Format: Paperback

Page Extent: 384 pages

Book Size: 210 x 170 mm

Publisher: New Holland Publishers

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